Long-term sequelae of radiation exposure due to computed tomography in children and young people

Project Leader(s): Dr Mark Pearce
Contact: Dr Mark Pearce (
Sponsors: US National Cancer Institute, Department of Health, European Union (EURATOM)

The main objective of this study is to assess the risk of subsequent cancer after exposure to radiation from computed tomography (CT) scans administered in children and young adults for purposes other than oncological investigation. 

We have constructed a unique cohort which will form the basis for continued follow-up, allowing for assessment of cancer risk as the cohort members enter the age of increasing cancer risk, as well as evaluation of cancer and non-cancer mortality.

Secondly, we are evaluating trends in CT use in the UK according to patient and health care characteristics, using the data collected for the main aim of the study from the radiology units.


Richard Hardy
Computing Officer

Katharine Kirton
Clerical Assistant

Professor Mark Pearce
Professor of Applied Epidemiology