A comparison of multi-item Likert and Visual Analogue Scales for the assessment of transactionally defined coping (2004)

Author(s): Flynn D, van Schaik P, van Wersch A

    Abstract: The evaluation and monitoring of interventions that are designed to alleviate psychosocial stress rely largely on subjective assessments of coping as primary outcome measures. The pros and cons of different response formats used to measure coping variables are unexplored; yet arguably, response format is a very important methodological issue for the clinical application and evaluation of psychosocial interventions. This study compared the levels of functional coping and transactional coping patterns assessed with multi-item 7-point Likert Scales (LS) and 65mm Visual Analogue Scales (VAS), within the framework of the Functional Dimensions of Coping (FDC) Scale developed by Ferguson and Cox, 1997. LS yielded significantly higher levels of functional coping for all four subscales, and captured a wider range of transactional coping patterns for the approach, emotion, and avoidance coping functions, than VAS. The authors recommend the use of LS for baseline assessments of transactionally defined coping function within the FDC framework.

      • Journal: The European Journal of Psychological Assessment
      • Volume: 20
      • Issue: 1
      • Pages: 49-58
      • Publisher: Hogrefe Publishing Corp.
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr Darren Flynn
      Senior Research Associate