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Staff Profile

Emeritus Professor Jimmy Steele CBE

Head of School and Professor of Oral Health Services Research



General Dentistry including dental services, the effectiveness of routine dental techniques and teeth and the quality of life.

The dental health of the population of the UK; trends in oral health and dentistry; predicting future trends.

Preventive dentistry and does prevention (from tooth cleaning to fluoride) work?

Jaw joint problems - Temporomandibular Dysfuntion (TMD): what is it and why do so many people get it?

Roles and Responsibilities




Research Interests

Three main areas:
1. National epidemiology of oral disease, both children and (particularly) adults
2. Measuring oral health using both clinical and non-clinical measures
3. The effectiveness of oral care, including barriers to effective care.

Other Expertise

1. Nutrition and oral health, specifically the impact of tooth loss on diet amongst older adults.
2. The lifetime determinants of oral health in older adults, including social determinants of health

Current Work

In no particular order:
1. Working to develop a primary care base for research in oral health and oral health services, including clinical trials (eg in sedation and endodontics) and other areas of health services research.
2. The 2003 Children's Dental Health Survey
3. The impacts of oral health on quality of life amongst adults, including the behaviour of the Oral Health Impact Profile at different ages and with clinical condition
4. Developing new outcome measures for Temporo-mandibular Dysfunction
5. Using Social Marketing to improve oral health in patients with valvular heart disease.

Research Roles

Member of the School research committee and facilitator of the "Effectiveness of Oral Care Group" in the School of dental sciences.
My role is mostly overseeing a range of projects or working with collaborators in other areas, and as a supervisor of other researchers

Postgraduate Supervision

2 MPhil Students
2 PhD students

Esteem Indicators

Vice Chair of the Geriatric Oral Research Group of IADR
Editorial Board of the Journal of Dental Research


Since 2002:
£402 K from the NHS for an NHS Primary care clinican scientist training fellowship to establish a firm research base for a dental researcher in primary care
£72 K from the Department of Health for the Childrens dental Health survey


Undergraduate Teaching

I teach in all 5 years of the Undergraduate Course, with major administrative responsibilities in year 1 (Introduction to Dentistry), Year 3 (Introduction to the Clinic) and year 4 (Crown and Bridge course). I also teach clinical restorative dentistry at various points in the curriculum and have significant responsibilities in teaching both Public Health and Gerodontology.

Postgraduate Teaching

I undertake a small amount of teaching on the MSc course in Restorative Dentistry. I also teach on the Sedation Diploma course and provide a small number of postgraduate courses in various areas of restorative dentistry , including occlusion and adhesive bridgework