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Staff Profile

Dr Lucia Rehackova

Research Associate




  • PhD in Health Psychology, Newcastle University, UK (2011 - 2017)
  • MSc. in Health Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands (2009-2011)
  • Bc. in Psychology, Comenius University, Slovakia (2006-2009)

Current role and responsibilities as a Research Associate

  • Conducting a process evaluation of a novel diabetes remission intervention delivered in Primary Care practices across Tyneside and Scotland (DiRECT study).
  • Interviewing patients and healthcare professionals about their experience with the intervention, its implementation, and behaviour change over time
  • Creating good rapport with patients and staff at the practices
  • Complying with Good Clinical Practice at all times
  • Designing questionnaires and EMA (ecological momentary assessment) syrveys
  • Collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Disseminating findings through conferences and publications
Previous role as a research assistant
  • Providing consultancy and leading on the development of an intervention to support midwives` implementation of NICE maternal obesity and weight management guidelines.
  • Using a transparent and replicable approach to intervention development
  • Developing new collaborations
  • Disseminating results via conferences and a publications


I am primarily interested in development and evaluation of behaviour change interventions for weight management, and I am also interested in sustainability research.

My research is mostly applied and includes working with patients, healthcare professionals and the general public, employing a range of methods and methodologies (interviews, focus groups, surveys, systematic reviews, ecological momentary assessment studies).

I am currently conducting a mixed-methods process evaluation of a DIabetes REmission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) funded by Diabetes UK. This work includes longitudinal patient interviews, questionnaires, and ecological momentary assessments; and healthcare professional interviews and questionnaires, in order to determine acceptability of very low energy diets for diabetes remission in the context of primary care practices across Scotland and Tyneside. 


I have obtained the Certificate in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice Descriptor 1 level (CASAP) in 2014 and have taught on the following modules:

"Medicine in community" for Stage 1& 2 medical students

"Personal and professional development" (unit Communication skils and unit Critical appraisal) for Stage 1& 2 medical students

"Obesity case study" seminar