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Rebecca Say



1999-2005 Newcastle University MBBS Honours with Distinction

2001-2002 Newcastle University B.Med.Sci First Class Honours

2009-2010 Newcastle University Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research

Previous Positions 

August 2007- February 2011

August 2005 – August 2007

Academic Clinical Fellow Obstetrics and Gynaecology Northern Deanery. 


Foundation Programme Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Trust.   


What factors affect patients’ desire to be involved in medical decision making? 2001- 2002.  This was a cross-sectional survey involving 710 patients in a community setting and qualitative semi-structured interviews with a group of 15 participants. 

Contraceptive choice for young people: a cross-sectional survey with qualitative analysis 2004.  This was a questionnaire study with a free-text component which required qualitative analysis. 

Systematic review and meta-analysis of middle cerebral artery Doppler to predict fetal growth restriction and fetal wellbeing 2007- 2008.  I collaborated with Professor Khan and his team at Birmingham Women's Hospital to complete this systematic review and meta-analysis. 

Engaging women in shared decision making about breech presentation at term: development, usability testing and a pilot trial of a decision support tool and decision quality instrument 2011-present.  I have been awarded an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship to undertake this study as a PhD.  This study involves developing a patient decision aid (PDA) for women who have a breech baby. This could be used to help them make a decision about whether or not to have an external cephalic version (ECV) and whether to have an elective caesarean section or vaginal breech birth.  We also want to develop a way of measuring decision quality called a decision quality instrument (DQI).  To do this we need to define the essential knowledge required by women to make decisions about breech presentation and understand the things which affect their decisions.  This project will be completed in three phases using qualitative methods.  Women and health professionals will be involved at all stages of the design process.  Once development is complete we  aim to conduct a pilot randomised controlled trial of the PDA using the DQI as a primary outcome. 


I am a tutor for stage one and stage two Medicine in the Community.

I teach obstetrics and gynaecology to stage three and stage four medical students. 

I teach communication skills to medical students of all stages.