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Annual Postgraduate Conference

Annual Postgraduate Conference

Our annual postgraduate conference includes workshops and presentations held by students and staff. There is a different theme each year.

The theme of the last conference - held in June 2016 - was research dissemination, with a focus on different ways of presenting research. Workshops were held by fellow students and staff members. Topics included:

  • how to present research effectively
  • communicating through the university research magazine
  • using social media to communicate research

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Sally Marlow as our keynote speaker. Sally is a public engagement fellow at Kings College London, specialising in addictions research. She is known for her presentation and production for the BBC. She gave a very engaging presentation on working with the media to communicate research, which was hugely interesting and gave great insight into the realities of public engagement.

Research presentations 2016

Name of presenterPresentation
Anna Shifitoka
Presentation, Shiftoka (PDF: 92KB)
Space-time analysis and risk factors for tuberculosis in Windhoek, Namibia
Becca Patterson
Presentation, Patterson (PDF: 190KB)
Organ transplantation and the family: a qualitative exploration of views and experiences
Connor Richardson
Presentation, Richardson (PDF: 170KB)
Is there a link between cognitive reserve and cognitive impairment? Findings from the Newcastle 85+ study
David Mott
Presentation, Mott (156KB)
How do preferences for weight loss maintenance interventions differ? A discrete choice experiment 
Emma Geijer Simpson
Presentation, Simpson (PDF: 65KB)
Developing a family-involved intervention to prevent risky alcohol use alongside co-existing mental health difficulties in adolescents 
Emma Slack
Presentation, Slack (PDF: 70KB)
Effects of maternal anthropometrics and anthropometric change during pregnancy on short and long term pregnancy outcomes in South Asian women: A systematic review
Eugene Tang
Presentation, Tang (PDF: 230KB)
Identification of post-stroke cognitive impairment
Hassan Al-Sultani
Presentation, Al-Sultani (PDF: 96KB)
Convergent validity of a questionnaire that aims to assess issues around eating with dentures
Heather Coventry
Presentation, Coventry (PDF: 140KB)
IMPACT study in primary dental care: Investigating parental attitudes to randomised controlled trials in primary dental care
Jan McAnuff
Presentation, McAnuff (PDF: 160KB)
Improving participation outcomes for children with neurodisabilities
Jenniver Deane
Presentation, Deane (PDF: 36KB)
Routes to and the experience of a diagnoses of head and neck cancer
Julie Guest
Presentation, Guest (PDF: 120KB)
Exploring the lived experiences of children, young people and their families accessing hospital treatment in the context of a potentially life-limiting condition: A case study of a clinical apheresis community
Kholoud Alhussain
Presentation, Alhussain (PDF: 120KB)
Swallowing changes in people with Parkinson's in Saudi Arabia: Perceptions and practices
Laura Cutler
Presentation, Cutler (PDF: 115KB)
Parent reports of their child's weight status and health-related quality of life
Matthew Little
Presentation, Little (PDF: 290KB)
Getting it right, getting it wrong: The varying health impact of anticipated and unanticipated changes in personal finance
Natassia Robinson
Presentation, Robinson (PDF: 195KB)
DNA methylation as a potential mediating mechanism linking early life exposures and later life obesity
Ngozi Ilheukwumer
Presentation, Ilheukwumer (PDF: 350KB)
Self reported and parental rating of the psychological disorders of adolescents living with Cerebral Palsy in Europe
Nicola Howe
Presentation, Howe (PDF: 90KB)
Participant views of data sharing
Noni Mordi
Presentation, Mordi (PDF: 195KB)
Mapping and interpreting fidelity in clinical simulation 
Rashmi Bhardwaj-Gosling
Presentation, Bhardwaj-Gosling (PDF: 660KB)
Reducing the duration of urinary catheters: A protocol for mixed method study with patients and healthcare professionals using theoretical domains framework
Raul Palacio-Rodriguez
Presentation, Palacio-Rodriguez (PDF: 470KB)
How fluoridated water is related to prevalence of caries in a Chilean preschool population
Sarah Hill
Presentation, Hill (PDF: 62KB)
Economic evaluation and priority-setting methods to evaluate interventions for the prevention and reduction of excessive alcohol consumption: Systematic review protocol and preliminary results 
Shireen Mansoor
Presentation, Mansoor (PDF: 295KB)
HIV prevalence and risk behaviours of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Gabon
Simona Palladino
Presentation, Palladino (PDF: 3MB)
Place identity and place attachment among older Italian migrants in Newcastle upon Tyne
Tomas Robinson
Presentation, Robinson (PDF: 105KB)
Parental 'non-standard' working schedules and adolescent risky health related behaviour in the UK
Wafa Kashbour
Presentation, Kashbour (PDF: 122KB)
Patients’ perceptions of implant placement surgery, and the transitional fixed and removable implant retained prostheses; a qualitative study