How do I apply?


To participate in the Newcastle University Non EU Exchange you need to be a national of an EU or EEA country. If you are an undergraduate student, you must have successfully completed the first year of your degree programme, before you can participate in the programme.

Application Preparation

First of all you will need to research your options, and consider carefully which partner institution you would like to apply too. You can only apply to one partner institution. Once you have decided you will need to make an appointment to see the School Exchange Coordinator (PDF:32KB). You will need to look at the modules which are available to you at your chosen partner institution, and discuss these with the School Exchange Coordinator, to ensure that they meet the requirements of your degree programme, in order that you can transfer your attained credits back to Newcastle.

 The School Coordinator is responsible for providing you with the academic advice you will require to ensure that your Non EU Exchange activity meets the requirements of your degree programme.

Application Process Part 1

You will need to complete the Newcastle University Non EU Exchange Programme Nomination Form. This form, along with the application guidelines, is available from the International Office. This form needs to be signed by the School Exchange Coordinator, and submitted to the International Office. The submission deadline for 2016 participation is 29th January 2016.

The Non EU Exchange Programme operates on a competitive basis. Nomination Forms submitted by potential participants will be reviewed following the submission deadline of 29th January 2016. Successful applicants will be chosen based on the academic advice of the School Exchange Coordinator.

Non EU Exchange Nomination Forms

Application Process Part 2

For the second part of the application process, you will need to apply to your chosen host institution. You will do this with the help of the International Office. The International Office will provide you with the necessary application documents, and help you through the process of completing them. It is the International Office you will nominate you as an Exchange student to the host institution, and liaise with them with regard to your application. You will need to be aware that as part of the application to the host institution you will be asked to provide evidence of the financial support which is available to you, and in some case you will also need to provide health certificates.

The host institution will send all acceptance documents and Visa application documents to the International Office, who will then pass them on to you.