Living Costs

Whilst you are at university, your spending patterns may be very different from what they have been up to now. It is not possible to say exactly how much you will need for living expenses on top of the tuition fees - a lot depends on the standard of living you expect to enjoy.

As a city, Newcastle is a fairly inexpensive place for students to live compared with many other places in the UK because:

  • Accommodation is reasonably priced
  • Many amenities are within walking distance of your accommodation
  • The city is very compact, with most of the shops, theatres, cafes and restaurants a few minutes' walk from the campus
  • In this student-friendly city there are many discounts for students

The figures below are an approximate guide to living costs in Newcastle for 2015-16, excluding tuition fees and return fares:

  • Undergraduates - allow approximately £8,600 for the 9-month period (£956 per month)
  • Postgraduates - allow approximately £10,500 for the 12-month period (£875 per month)

Further details are in our Cost of Living 2015-16 leaflet.