Other Study Abroad Options

Doctoral Study Abroad

Suitably qualified students can apply for study abroad as a Doctoral student. Contact the International Office at Newcastle University for more information.

Independent Study Options

Whether you are aiming at working towards an honour’s thesis, on a capstone project or on a research topic that is in conjunction with a course you took at your home institution: contact us and we will assist you with finding the appropriate academic at Newcastle University and working out the correct amount of credit attached to the Independent Study Option.  This is critical because you need to be a fully enrolled student (60 UK credits) during your time at Newcastle in order to maintain your visa status.

Semester with Integrated, Extended (Summer) Research

We are pleased to announce the launch of a programme that combines a semester (or a year) of taking classes with undergraduate research, both during the semester and extended into the summer following. For further information about this programme please contact the study abroad team.

I Involved faculties and schools

Science, Agriculture and Engineering

Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Biology (starting semester 2, 2013)
Marine Science and Technology
Civil Engineering
Computing Science

Medical Sciences

The School of Biomedical Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences

Historical Archaeology
International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies (possibly at a later stage)
Media and Cultural Studies (possibly at a later stage)

II The structure

In semester 2 (spring semester) the student would be enrolled full-time (60 UK credits) in modules in both the degree programme and other subject areas. S/he would be introduced to the researching academic and possibly to her/his team, and will start communicating on a variety of levels.

The student will learn about the project, its background, the initial questions, the successes and failures; s/he may be asked to do additional reading and familiarise her/himself with new methods. There will be a chance to attend events/talks around the topic; the mentor and student will work out a mentoring agreement. The student will start working on the research project.

During the summer, the student will be enrolled in a credit-bearing research module, and work on research for 8 weeks (or longer, depending on the time frame agreed upon by mentor and student) in the research team on a topic that reflects the student’s interests, experiences and skills as well as the academic’s research expertise

How do the semester and summer connect?

  • The semester will be a time for adjustment/travelling/making friends, so the summer will allow for an intense and deep research time, without delay
  • Students may want to choose their classes to complement their research project; this will make for more focused and meaningful academic pathways
  • The length of time, the individual attention paid to the student and array of preparation will make concentrated research possible
  • The development of mentoring agreement and a communication scheme between the researchers will result in skilled guidance, the ability to assess and react to the student needs, and thus facilitate a mutually beneficial and reflective collaboration.
  • Last but not least, the process in its entirety reflects the approach Masters and PhD students, and full researchers would take.

In order to make best use of the student’s presence on campus, the schools and other entities of the university will offer a variety of events event around this programme.

In the schools, the following eligibility criteria are in place

  • Relevant major
  • Junior or Senior (in exceptions: Sophomore)
  • Currently enrolled at a US or Canadian institution; students working with collaborating researchers, from partner institutions or individuals
  • Min. 3.0 or 3.5 GPA*
  • Varied research experience/lab hours required*
  • Clear research intent
  • Interest in academic career
  • Non Native English Speakers - IELTS level 6.5 or higher OR TOEFL score of 575 (90 IBT) or higher.

III If you are not a student/study abroad adviser/academic at a partner institution, please be in touch with the International Office so that we can assist you in putting you in touch with the right school and academic!

IV Application details

Download an application form and prepare the following items:

  • certified copies of your academic transcripts
  • a TOEFL or IELTS test score (non-native English speakers only)
  • one academic reference; if prior research experience is required (depends on the field of research and the school*), a research supervisor should provide a second reference, commenting on degree of independence; ability to work in a laboratory/field environment; communication skills; time management skills; relevant modules completed at home institution.
  • and prior research interest/goals
  • colour-scan copy of your passport (valid until at least 6 months after the end of your programme)
  • a list of the classes you wish to take whilst at Newcastle
  • a list of the classes you are currently taking
  • a Research Letter of Motivation, touching upon why you want to participate in a semester with research; why you have chosen Newcastle University; why you are interested in the research project; what you aim to achieve from attending the programme; and how you will use the experience when you return to your home institution.

*to find out the school and researcher-specific pre-requisites, please contact the Study Abroad Team.

Applications can be emailed as scanned documents (preferred), sent to Newcastle University by mail or handed in to the partner university’s office.

V Dates and Deadlines

  • Dates of the whole programme: End of January until mid August (concrete end depends on the start of your semester at home)
  • Application deadline semester 2 (spring): October 31

VI Costs

For details and any other questions, please contact the Study Abroad Team

VII Scholarship

Apply for the US Friends Student Research Scholarship (link to http://www.ncl.ac.uk/students/wellbeing/finance/funding/nonukstudents/scholarships/StudyAbroadSchol.htm , please) (priority is given to students from partner institutions) NEW

The US Friends research scholarship is offered, through competitive application, initially to one US student undertaking the Semester with Integrated, Extended (Summer) Research. The Scholarship is offered for the second (spring) semester, is worth $2,000 and will be payable towards living expenses for the summer period.