Science, Agriculture and Engineering

Newcastle has a strong tradition of welcoming Science, Agriculture and Engineering students onto its study abroad programmes. Our Science, Agriculture and Engineering Faculty offers a vast range of undergraduate module choices for

  • Any students in a Science Degree Programme, wanting to take courses that are not offered at the home university but may still fulfil home requirements.
  • Science or Engineering students who want to take modules (i.e. courses) in another subject area.


Subject Areas

Students are able to take modules from a wide range of subject areas:

In addition, students are able to take additional modules outside of their main area.

Eligibility criteria is for students who

  • have studied at their home university for at least a year
  • are currently enrolled
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or equivalent) or higher
  • Non Native English Speakers - IELTS level 6.5 or higher.


How to Apply

See the academic semester/year dates; your semester dates will be the ones called ‘SEMESTER ONE’ and ‘SEMESTER TWO’. For those coming here for semester one only and whose next semester back home starts early in the next calendar year, your semester end date will the one mentioned under ‘AUTUMN’.


Study Abroad Office