Module Catalogue 2015/16

Modules in Biomedical Sciences D-BMS:

Module Stage Total Credits
BGM1001Biochemistry 120 credits
BGM1003Genetics 120 credits
CMB1000Cell Biology 120 credits
CMB1001Microbiology and Immunology 120 credits
PED1002Pharmacology 120 credits
PSC1001Physiology 120 credits
BGM2056DNA Replication, recombination and Repair 210 credits
BGM2057Cell Cycle Genetics 220 credits
BGM2058Phylogenetics and Evolution 220 credits
BGM2060Proteins and Enzymes 220 credits
BGM2061Protein Trafficking and Biological Membranes 220 credits
BMS2009Biomedical Sciences 1 230 credits
BMS2010Biomedical Sciences 2 230 credits
BMS2011The Nervous System and Respiratory Diseases 220 credits
BMS2012Clinical Immunology and Viral Pathogens 220 credits
CMB2002Cell and Molecular Biosciences 220 credits
CMB2004Infectious Disease: The Immune Response and Anti-microbial Chemotherapy 210 credits
MIC2025Bacterial interactions with human hosts and the immune system in human d isease 215 credits
MIC2026Microbial physiology and Technology 215 credits
MIC2027Parasitic and Viral Diseases 215 credits
MIC2028Practical Skills in Microbiology and Immunology 215 credits
PED2001Drug Disposition and Pharmacokinetics 220 credits
PED2005Systems Pharmacology 230 credits
PSC2015Reproductive and Developmental Physiology 215 credits
PSC2016Molecular Physiology and Pathophysiology 215 credits
PSC2026Cardiovascular Systems for Pharmacologists 210 credits
BGM3001Biochemistry of Chronic Diseases 310 credits
BGM3009Protein-DNA Interactions 310 credits
BGM3024The Molecular Basis of Cancer 310 credits
BGM3028Human Genome Organisation and Function 310 credits
BGM3030Advanced Medical Genetics 310 credits
BGM3037Plant and Animal Biotechnology 310 credits
BGM3038Structural and Molecular Biology in Biotechnology 310 credits
BGM3039Medical Biotechnology 320 credits
BMS3003Business for the Bioscientist 310 credits
BMS3010Genetics of Common Disease 320 credits
BMS3011Chronic and Nutrition-related Diseases 320 credits
BMS3012Cancer Biology and Therapy 320 credits
BMS3013Diseases of the Human Nervous System 320 credits
BMS3014Biology of Ageing 320 credits
CMB3000Research Project 340 credits
CMB3001Experimental Design and the Process of Research 340 credits
MIC3043Research in Medical Microbiology and Medical Microbiology & Immunology 310 credits
MIC3045Immune Recognition 320 credits
PED3001Pharmacological Techniques 310 credits
PED3003Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Development 310 credits
PED3005Advanced Pharmacogenetics 310 credits
PED3006Carcinogenesis and Anticancer Drugs 310 credits
PED3008Advanced Topics in Neuropharmacology 310 credits
PED3011Toxicology 310 credits
PSC3008Physiology of the Nervous System 330 credits
PSC3010Research in Physiological Sciences 310 credits
PSC3011Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract 315 credits
PSC3013Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract 2 315 credits