Module Catalogue 2015/16

Modules in Mechanical & Systems Engineering:

Module Stage Total Credits
ENG1001Engineering Mathematics I 120 credits
MEC1002Materials Science I 110 credits
MEC1003Introduction to Machine Design 15 credits
MEC1007Fundamentals of Thermofluid Dynamics 115 credits
MEC1011Mechanics I 120 credits
ENG2008Analytic Methods in Marine Technology 210 credits
ENG2010Engineering Mathematics II with Applications 215 credits
ENG2011Engineering Mathematics II 210 credits
MEC2001Materials Science II 210 credits
MEC2003Applications of Thermofluid Dynamics 220 credits
MEC2009Mechanics II 220 credits
ENG3002The Finite Element Method 35 credits
ENG3003Optimization 35 credits
MEC3001Mechatronic Design 315 credits
MEC3002Sensors and Actuators 315 credits
MEC3003Computational Fluid Dynamics 315 credits
MEC3004Design for Production 315 credits
MEC3006High Speed Internal Combustion Engines 315 credits
MEC3008Applications of Dynamics and Control 315 credits