Module Catalogue 2015/16

Modules in Psychology:

Module Stage Total Credits
PSY1002Developmental and Social Psychology 110 credits
PSY1003Evolution and Genetics for Psychologists 110 credits
PSY1004Cognitive Psychology 110 credits
PSY1005Sensation and Perception 110 credits
PSY1006Instinct, Learning and Motivation 110 credits
PSY1007History of Psychology 110 credits
PSY1008Personality and Abnormal Psychology 110 credits
PSY2001Developmental Psychology 210 credits
PSY2002Visual Perception 210 credits
PSY2003Social Psychology 210 credits
PSY2004Individual Differences 210 credits
PSY2006Comparative Cognition 210 credits
PSY2007Biological Psychology: Sex, Drugs, Rhythms and Blues 210 credits
PSY2010Statistics for Experimental Psychology 210 credits
PSY2014Cognitive Neuroscience 210 credits
PSY3001Evolution & Behaviour 310 credits
PSY3002Evolutionary Psychology 310 credits
PSY3006Consumer Psychology 320 credits
PSY3007Abnormal Psychology and Psychiatry 310 credits
PSY3008Art, Mind and Brain 310 credits
PSY3009Cooperation 310 credits
PSY3013Eating Disorders: Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment 310 credits
PSY3016Sex and Human Nature 310 credits
PSY3018The Damaged Brain: Case Studies in Neuropsychology 310 credits
PSY3020Face Perception 310 credits
PSY3022The Psychology of Financial Decision Making 310 credits
PSY3024Personality Disorders 310 credits
PSY3025Forensic Psychology 310 credits
PSY3026Psychology of Religion 320 credits
PSY3027Disorders of Development: A Psychological Perspective 320 credits
PSY3095Dissertation in Psychology (BPS for CH-Arts) 310 credits