Module Catalogue 2015/16

Modules in Arts & Cultures:

Module Stage Total Credits
COM1026Introduction to Social and Cultural Studies 120 credits
COM1028Introduction to Professional Communication 120 credits
FIN1007Renaissance to Realism: A critical investigation 120 credits
FIN1008Art and Ideas: an introduction to Modernism 120 credits
FIN1011Preliminary Studies in Studio Practice I 140 credits
FIN1012Preliminary Studies in Studio Practice II 140 credits
MUS1012Understanding Music History 120 credits
MUS1013Understanding Modern and Postmodern Musics 120 credits
MUS1020Music Skills (Common Practice) 120 credits
MUS1022Counterpoint and Voice Leading 120 credits
MUS1023Contemporary Musical Materials 120 credits
MUS1030Music Skills (Vernacular) 120 credits
MUS1058Performance Studies 1 120 credits
MUS1090Performance Studies (Folk and Traditional Music) 1 120 credits
MUS1091Additional Performance Studies (Folk and Traditional Music) 1 120 credits
MUS1092Ensemble 1 120 credits
MUS1096The Traditions of These Islands 120 credits
MUS1097Creative Projects 120 credits
COM2034Introduction to Public Relations 220 credits
COM2071Sex, Sexuality and Desire 220 credits
FIN2013Studio Practice I 240 credits
FIN2014Studio Practice II 240 credits
FIN2017Art Since 1945: Postwar to Protest 220 credits
FIN2018Issues in Modern British Art 220 credits
FIN2032Art in the Public Context 220 credits
FIN2037Contemporary Art and Globalisation 220 credits
FIN2038Modern and Postmodern Photography 220 credits
FIN2039Art Since the 1960s 220 credits
HSS2500Culture and Heritage 210 credits
MUS2037The Scope of Irish Traditional Music 220 credits
MUS2041Contemporary Compositional Techniques 220 credits
MUS2044Practising Music Analysis 220 credits
MUS2045Indian Music in Practice 1 220 credits
MUS2046Indian Music in Practice 2 220 credits
MUS2058Performance Studies 2 220 credits
MUS2059Contemporary Music Practice 1 220 credits
MUS2060Ethnomusicology 220 credits
MUS2065Studying Vernacular Musics 220 credits
MUS2076Opera: History, Issues, Approaches 220 credits
MUS2079Music in the Holocaust 220 credits
MUS2080Jazz Criticism: African American Music & Emerging Social Forces 220 credits
MUS2088Folk Music Studies: Resources and Research Materials 220 credits
MUS2090Performance Studies (Folk and Traditional Music) 2 220 credits
MUS2092Ensemble 2 220 credits
MUS2094Additional Performance Studies (Folk and Traditional Music) 2 220 credits
MUS2098Noises, Sounds, and Gestures: Experimental Improvisation and Electroacoustic Composition 220 credits
COM3067Television Studies 320 credits
COM3077Political Communication 320 credits
FIN3014Studio Practice I 340 credits
FIN3015Studio Practice II 340 credits
FIN3016Studio Practice A 320 credits
FIN3017Studio Practice B 320 credits
FIN3018Issues in Modern British Art 320 credits
FIN3027Art Since 1945: Postwar to Protest 320 credits
FIN3032Art in the Public Context 320 credits
FIN3037Contemporary Art and Globalisation 320 credits
FIN3038Modern and Postmodern Photography 320 credits
FIN3039Art Since the 1960s 320 credits
MUS3012Major Specialist Study: Composition 340 credits
MUS3013Major Specialist Study: Dissertation 340 credits
MUS3014Major Specialist Study: Performance 340 credits
MUS3015Major Specialist Study: Project 340 credits
MUS3016Minor Specialist Study: Composition 320 credits
MUS3017Minor Specialist Study: Dissertation 320 credits
MUS3018Minor Specialist Study: Performance 320 credits
MUS3019Minor Specialist Study: Project 320 credits
MUS3031Studying Black Music 320 credits
MUS3054Music and Cultural Theory 320 credits
MUS3083Conducting Studies 320 credits
MUS3087Contemporary Music Practice 2 320 credits
MUS3092Additional Performance Studies (Folk & Traditional Music) 3 320 credits
MUS3095Music Enterprise 320 credits
MUS3111Teaching Music in Schools: issues and practice 320 credits
FIN4012Studio Practice II 460 credits
FIN4013Studio Practice III 480 credits
FIN4014Studio Practice IV 4100 credits
FIN4015Studio Practice V 4120 credits
FIN4016LifeWorkArt External Project 420 credits