Module Catalogue 2015/16

Modules in English Lit, Language & Linguistics:

Module Stage Total Credits
SEL1000Introduction to Creative Writing 120 credits
SEL1003Introduction to Literary Studies 1 120 credits
SEL1004Introduction to Literary Studies II 120 credits
SEL1007The Nature of Language 110 credits
SEL1012Language Through Time: Introduction to the History of English 120 credits
SEL1023Transformations 120 credits
SEL1027Introduction to Language Structure and Applications 1 120 credits
SEL1028Introduction to Language Structure and Applications 2 120 credits
SEL1029Language Across Space: Introduction to English Dialects 110 credits
SEL1030Approaches to Reading 120 credits
SEL1900Making Literature: How Editors Create Texts 110 credits
HSS2502Creative Writing 210 credits
SEL2000Phonological Theory 220 credits
SEL2001Semantics and Pragmatics 220 credits
SEL2084The Syntax of the World's Languages 220 credits
SEL2086Introduction to Language Acquisition 220 credits
SEL2089Syntactic Theory 220 credits
SEL2201Writing the Renaissance 220 credits
SEL2203Revolutionary Britain, 1789-1832 220 credits
SEL2205Fictions of Migration 220 credits
SEL2207Modernisms 220 credits
SEL2209Poetry and Prose Workshop 220 credits
SEL3005Language Origins and Evolution 320 credits
SEL3301Shakespeare in Performance 320 credits
SEL3303Writing Rebellion: The Literature of the English Revolution 320 credits
SEL3309The Victorian Novel: Fictions of Wealth and Poverty 320 credits
SEL3315Postwar British Fiction 320 credits
SEL3319The Spielberg Generation 320 credits
SEL3331Grammar, Language and Mind 320 credits
SEL3336American Modernisms: US Fiction from the 1920s 320 credits
SEL3338Children's Literature: from islands to internet 320 credits
SEL3339Metropolis: Modernist Cities in Fiction and Film 320 credits
SEL3343Topics in Syntax 320 credits
SEL3345Long 18th-Century Writing and the Social Lives of Things 320 credits
SEL3352Child Language Development in (a)typical Circumstances 320 credits
SEL3353The Child in Contemporary Performance 320 credits
SEL3354Playwrights, Parts and Players: Shakespearean Drama in Production 320 credits
SEL3355Modern Poetry 320 credits
SEL3356Madness, Medicine and the Modern Novel: Reading 'Hysteria' in Fiction 320 credits
SEL3357The Making of Modern Theatre 320 credits
SEL3358Romantic Life-Writing 320 credits
SEL3359Victorian Dream-Worlds: Fantasy Writing and Nonsense Poetry 320 credits
SEL3360English Place-Names 320 credits
SEL3362Dissertation in English Literature 340 credits
SEL3363Dissertation in English Literature (Semester 2 only) 340 credits
SEL3364Independent Essay I (English Literature) 320 credits
SEL3365Independent Essay II (English Literature) 320 credits
SEL3366The Ways of the World: 18th Century Literature 320 credits