Studying at Newcastle

There is a lot to take into consideration when planning your Study Abroad at Newcastle University. To make things easier for you we have provided some general academic information to help you understand some of the terminology you will come across while you are here.

While studying at Newcastle, you will gain a number of credits from the modules that you study. As you will be interested in transferring your credit back to your home institution, we have produced some Credit Transfer and Grade Equivalence guidelines to help you with this. Check with your home institution about their policy on credit transfer.

Each Study Abroad Programme has different eligibility criteria. We have a created an eligibility overview to enable you to find out which programme is best for you and your academic needs.

As a fully-enrolled student at the university, it is your responsibility to adhere to all rules and regulations that govern student life at the university.

Finally, we understand that coming to an overseas University can be quite costly. Our Cost of Living sheet may help you to budget for your time in Newcastle. There are also a number of partial scholarships available to Study Abroad students.