Undergraduate Students

Study abroad students are guaranteed a place in university accommodation provided that they meet all the requirements below:

  • are taking part in a recognised study abroad scheme at Newcastle for the full academic year, and
  • have accepted our offer of a place to study at Newcastle, and
  • have completed the online Accommodation Application Form by 30 June of your year of entry .

Students coming for one semester are not covered by the guarantee. A timely study abroad application will raise chances of securing on-campus accommodation. If you are coming in semester two, (January-June) you have a better chance of securing accommodation. We recommend students to apply for accommodation as soon as they have accepted our offer to study here.

If there are no rooms available or your application is late, every effort will be made to find you alternative accommodation. We provide details of local, short-term lodgings.  If you are unable to secure University Accommodation, the Accommodation Service at Newcastle will provide you with advice and guidance on how to obtain accommodation in the private sector.

Postgraduate students

Due to the nature of postgraduate accommodation, postgraduate study abroad students will be applying for undergraduate accommodation. Please see above for more information.

Visit our accommodation service website for more information on the options available to you.

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