Insurance and Banking


Full-time students of any nationality studying at the University for at least six months can receive medical treatment through the National Health Service. You will need to register with a GP when you arrive. Once you have registered most treatment is free. However, charges are made for prescriptions, dental care and eye checks.

You should also check with your health authority if you need to bring any documentation to enable you to reclaim for such payments. If you have a medical condition when you arrive in the UK, you may be charged for treatment. You are advised to consider taking out health insurance.

Special note for students on study periods of less than six months

Students on study periods of less than six months should ensure they take out medical insurance before arriving in the UK.


It is advisable to take out insurance to cover your personal belongings - particularly if you are bringing expensive equipment, e.g. a computer.

This can be done either in your home country or with a company located in Newcastle city centre, many of whom offer competitive rates for students.


Please be aware that if you are only studying in the UK for one semester you will be unable to open a bank account. You should make sure that you can get access to your money before you leave home. Find out more about fees, scholarships and living costs.