About Us

The Institute of Neuroscience unites clinicians and basic scientists with the common aim to understand brain and behaviour both in health and disease.

Working from the basic biology of neurons through to complex processes of perception and decision making behaviour, we address how the mind, brain and body together work normally and translate this knowledge into clinical application for greater patient benefit.

Our innovation, expertise and cutting edge technology is leading to increased understanding of some of the greatest challenges in neuroscience.

Neuroscience offers many challenges to understand the way that the brain functions. This can be:

  • to perform many complex tasks
  • to determine how neurons communicate and organise themselves in ordered networks
  • to work out why things sometimes go wrong
  • and to deliver treatments for disorders that affect many people's lives

The Institute of Neuroscience brings together one of the UK's largest groupings of neuroscientists to address these challenges.  There are currently over 90 faculty members at Newcastle University conducting research in various aspects of nervous systems, brain function, and behaviour.  

We aim to foster high quality research in basic, applied and clinical neuroscience, and to initiate development activities that extend our capability to address some of the most important issues in neuroscience. Through the application of cutting edge technology to smart questions we aim to advance the field in many ways. Our diverse range of research questions are pursued in the context of cross-disciplinary groups that unite basic neuroscience, clinical research, and researchers from outside the field of neuroscience. Exploitation of this translational environment is delivering new treatments for patient benefit and novel applications of the principles of neural systems.

We enrich the local neuroscience research environment by:

  • hosting seminars and workshops
  • developing collaborative links with other organisations
  • and coordinating research funding applications
  • being involved in initiatives to increase public understanding of science and promote collaboration between science and the arts and humanities  

The Institute also delivers high quality research training at the postgraduate and postdoctoral level.

For all involved we hope that the Institute provides a supportive and exciting environment in which to pursue and resolve some of the most challenging questions in neuroscience.

Professor Anya Hurlbert and Professor Colin Ingram

Professor Anya Hurlbert and
Professor Colin Ingram

Directors, Institute of Neuroscience