Regulation of tissue collection and storage by the NBTR

All of our work is approved by the relevant Research Ethics Committees and we operate strictly within the guidelines issued by the Medical Research Council and the Department of Health. From September 2006, like all other brain banks in the UK, we have operated within the new regulatory framework of the Human Tissue Authority.

Information on how UK research ethics committees are managed in the NHS is on the website of the National Research Ethics Service

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) was created following the passing into law of 'The Human Tissue Act 2004'. Part of the remit of the HTA is the supervision of tissue banks such as the NBTR. All those collecting tissue for research, including brain banks such as the NBTR, need a licence from the HTA.

Further information about the Human Tissue Act 2004 can be found on the websites of HMSO (full text of the Act and explanatory notes), and the Department of Health.

The Medical Research Council supports a number of other brain banks in the UK - details can be found on the MRC webpages.