Institute of Neuroscience


  • Dementia researchers gather to share findings

    Scientists are inviting the public to a free meeting to discuss dementia research.

    published on: 13 August 2015

  • Young Neurosurgeon of the Year

    Dr Francesco Vergani, an IoN PhD student has won a prestigious award from the World Federation Neurosurgical Societies. 

    published on: 6 August 2015

  • International award for Professor Ian McKeith

    One of our leading academics, Professor McKeith, Institute for Ageing, has scooped a prestigious international award for his pioneering research into dementia.

    published on: 23 July 2015

  • Rosie Morris Wins NIHR award

    Rosie Morris a postgraduate student with the Human Movement Science Team has won an NIHR award for her presentation at the NIHR Experimental Medicine Infrastructure Doctoral Research Training Camp

    published on: 23 July 2015

  • New 'Spineless' Exhibition at the Great North Museum

    A new exhibition at the Great North Museum will celebrate invertebrates (animals without a backbone) and IoN will be contributing.

    published on: 17 July 2015

  • What's the best way to fight memory loss?

    Newcastle University provided expertise in a range of experiments carried out over eight weeks to see which had greatest impact on memory, ability to problem solve and reaction times.

    published on: 14 July 2015

  • All in the mind – New exhibition to uncover secrets of the brain

    One of the largest biomedical research charities in the world, the Wellcome Trust, has pledged £650k towards a new exhibition exploring the brain at Newcastle’s Life Science Centre.

    published on: 18 June 2015

  • US stroke robot pioneer visits Newcastle-led trial

    A leading scientist who has pioneered the stroke robot technology at the heart of a major clinical trial in the NHS by Newcastle University researchers, has visited staff and patients in the North East.

    published on: 12 June 2015

  • Spiders on TV

    Dr Claire Rind's work will feature on a BBC4 programme at 9pm on Wednesday 29th October.

    published on: 23 October 2014

  • Gait and dementia link confirmed

    Researchers at Newcastle University have found a definitive link between gait - the way someone walks - and early changes in cognitive function in people with Parkinson's disease.

    published on: 22 October 2014

  • Childhood infection link to hearing loss

    Common childhood infections, such as tonsillitis and ear infections, may lead to hearing loss later in life, according to recent research from Newcastle University.

    published on: 20 October 2014

  • Computer-connected brains: Science fiction or science future?

    We can now read Tom Hall's full article from the MRC Max Perutz 2014 competition.

    published on: 16 October 2014

  • Front page news

    Claire Rind's image used for the front cover of Developmental Neurobiology. 

    published on: 9 October 2014

  • MRC Max Perutz Science Writing Final

    The final of the competition was on 1st October in London.

    published on: 3 October 2014

  • Great Weather for Spiders!

    The mild weather has meant an increase in the spider population, ITV came to visit IoN researcher Dr Claire Rind to find out more.

    published on: 23 September 2014

  • David Burn appointed Parkinson's UK Clinical Director

    Newcastle University neurologist Professor David Burn has been appointed as Clinical Director of Parkinson's UK, in a bid to drive forward urgent improvements to the standard of care for people with Parkinson's.

    published on: 23 September 2014

  • What is Dementia with Lewy Bodies?

    Few people have heard of Dementia with Lewy Bodies but Newcastle has considerable expertise in the condition. Professor Ian McKeith has written a piece for 'The Conversation'.

    published on: 10 November 2015