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IoN Seminar: Complexity, Emergence and Neuroplasticity in Epileptogenic Circuits

Norberto Garcia-Cairasco (University of São Paulo)
Venue: Room MED L2.4, Leech Building, Newcastle University
Date: 5th March 2012
Time: 16:00 - 17:00

The brain is a complex system that, in the normal condition, has emergent properties like those associated with activity-dependent plasticity in learning and memory, and in pathological situations, manifests abnormal long-term phenomena like the epilepsies. Data from our laboratory and from the literature were classified qualitatively as sources of complexity and emergent properties from behavior to electrophysiological, cellular, molecular, and computational levels. We used such models as brainstem-dependent acute audiogenic seizures and forebrain-dependent kindled audiogenic seizures. Additionally we used chemical or electrical experimental models of temporal lobe epilepsy that induce status epilepticus with behavioral, anatomical, and molecular sequelae such as spontaneous recurrent seizures and longterm plastic changes. Current computational neuroscience tools will help the interpretation, storage, and sharing of the exponential growth of information derived from those studies. These strategies are considered solutions to deal with the complexity of brain pathologies such as the epilepsies.

Host: Mark Cunningham

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