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Awards and accolades for Neuroscience staff

A number of IoN members have received awards and accolades, including Patrick Mitchell, Elizabeth Stoll and Jeremy Parr

Neurosurgeon, Patrick Mitchell, has been appointed Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Neurosurgery. Published in association with the Society of British Neurological Surgeons, this journal is a leading international forum for this field. It's focus is on clinical research and publishes all aspects of case assessment and surgical practice.  

Dr Elizabeth Stoll was awarded the 2016 Translational Research Award by the Society for Neuro Oncology. The award was in recognition of her work investigating how brain tumours grow which hit headlines in June 2016. Dr Stoll's work found that the most common type of tumour known as a glioma need fats to grow whereas it was previously thought that sugars were the primary fuel. Dr Stoll was presented with the award at Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuro Oncology in Scottsdale, Arizona in November and gave a presentation of the work.

Also celebrating are Dr Jeremy Parr and the Autism Spectrum Cohort-UK team. They have been recognised for their 'Excellence in service user and carer involvement in mental health research' by the Clinical Research Network (CRN), Mental Health Specialty and the charity MQ: Transforming Mental Health. The Autism Spectrum Cohort UK is a collaboration between Newcastle University, local NHS trusts, Autistica and carers of people with ASD. It is thought that at least 1% of people are on the autism spectrum. In general the focus of research has been on children and relatively little has been done to investigate how to support adults with the condition. The project team have engaged with adults on the austistic spectrum and their carers to look at their life experiences, to see how the condition may have affected them and to address how to support and meet their needs. The research team have worked with service users and carers to detemine what research is needed and how this can be done. The award recognises their significant involvement of service users and carers in the project.

published on: 17 January 2017