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thumbnail Children with autism overcome real-life fears in virtual world

Immersive reality can help children with autism spectrum disorder overcome their fears and phobias, new research has shown.

published on: 3rd July 2014

Making colour

A new exhibition at the National Gallery, London: 'invites you to travel through the journey of colour.'

published on: 18th June 2014

More research into adults with autism

The charity Autistica has announced it is funding a new programme of research at Newcastle University to better understand and help adults with autism.

published on: 18th June 2014

thumbnail Could spiders be the key to saving our bees?

A novel bio-pesticide created using spider venom and a plant protein has been found to be safe for honeybees - despite being highly toxic to a number of key insect pests.

published on: 4th June 2014

thumbnail Paralysed hand able to move again

For the first time scientists have been able to restore the ability to grasp with a paralysed hand using spinal cord stimulation.

published on: 21st May 2014

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