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Newcastle Bee Work Highlighted

The work of our bee lab will be highlighted in a BBC 4 series.

published on: 17th April 2014


A new play by Nick Payne looks at memory and memory loss.

published on: 1st April 2014

Reproducible Research, Dynamic Documents, and Push-Button Publishing

Researchers release a treasure trove of data on the developing retina, pushing the boundaries of neuroscience publishing by presenting it in an unprecedentedly dynamic and reproducible manner

published on: 24th March 2014

thumbnail Cognitive therapy might be beneficial for people with schizophrenia

For people with schizophrenia who can't or won't take antipsychotic drug treatment, cognitive therapy could be a viable therapeutic alternative, according to a groundbreaking randomised trial published in the Lancet.

published on: 6th February 2014

thumbnail The iPod in the head: How the brain processes musical hallucinations

A woman with an "iPod in her head" has helped scientists at Newcastle University and University College London identify the areas of the brain that are affected when patients experience a rare condition called musical hallucinations.

published on: 28th January 2014

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