The Institute unites fundamental research on nervous systems and behaviour with applied science and clinical research across a wide range of disorders.

Our areas of research (research themes) span from the basic biology of neurons to the abnormal activity associated with epilepsy, from music perception to mood disorders, from visual object recognition to retinal prostheses for the blind, from animal decision-making to anaesthesia to neurological disease. This breadth of interests stimulates innovative approaches to our science.

We have access to excellent research facilities including:

  • brain scanning
  • cellular imaging and electrophysiology
  • computational modelling
  • molecular genetics
  • animal and human behavioural laboratories
  • psychophysics

Newcastle University is committed to supporting excellent early career researchers and offers 'Five-Year University Research Fellowships' to support individuals with an emerging reputation for innovative research on a trajectory to become the next generation of research and academic leaders. For specific queries regarding fellowships in the Institute of Neuroscience please contact Professor Melissa Bateson or Professor Zosia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers.