A systematic approach for identifying plant components with impact on human health (2007)

Author(s): Brandt K, Lietz G, Christensen LP, Kobaek-Larsen M

      • Date: 17-20 August 2005
      • Conference Name: Acta Horticulturae: 1st International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables
      • Volume: 744
      • Pages: 93-100
      • Publisher: ISHS
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: bioactive falcarinol cancer secondary metabolites carotenes carrot (Daucus carota) LUNG-CANCER BETA-CAROTENE VITAMIN-A CARDIOVASCULAR-DISEASE VEGETABLES FRUIT RISK MORTALITY CARROTS SUPPLEMENTATION


      Dr Kirsten Brandt
      Senior Lecturer