The Architecture of the ICL GOLDRUSH MegaSERVER (1995)

Author(s): Watson P, Catlow GW

    Abstract: This paper discusses the requirements which are to be met by a parallel computer system if it is to satisfy the requirements of commercial database processing, and describes how one such system - the ICL GOLDRUSH MegaSERVER - has been designed to meet these requirements. GOLDRUSH is a distributed store parallel processor consisting of up to 64 elements, each of which can co-operate in database processing, exploiting both the parallelism found within complex queries (intra-query parallelism) and that found between queries in On-Line Transaction Processing workloads (interquery parallelism). The paper discusses the requirements of business critical database applications including high availability, integrity and manageability. It then details the architecture of GOLDRUSH in order to show how a commercially available system has been designed to meet these requirements; this includes resilience to failure of hardware components such as disks and processors, and the provision of system management applications which allow the parallel machine to be managed as a single system.

      • Date: 12-14 July 1995
      • Conference Name: 13th British National Conference on Databases: Advances in Databases (BNCOD)
      • Volume: 940
      • Pages: 249-262
      • Publisher: Springer
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Paul Watson
      Professor of Computing Science