Virtual Machines in DynaSOAr: Creating an on-demand ad-hoc Virtual Grid (2007)

Author(s): Mukherjee A, Watson P

    Abstract: DynaSOAr is an infrastructure for dynamically deploying web services over a Grid or a set of networked resources. The DynaSOAr view of grid computing focussed entirely on the concept of services, rather than the more traditional jobs. Services are deployed on demand to meet the changing performance requirements. DynaSOAr includes the support to deploy services in pre-built Virtual Machines on demand thereby creating an ad-hoc Virtual Grid. This paper describes the DynaSOAr architecture with respect to the on-demand deployment of Virtual Machines and shows that in case of services involving a large amount of data transfer, there are advantages in creating an ad-hoc grid of services close to the data through the dynamic deployment of Virtual Machines.

      • Date: February 2007
      • Series Title: School of Computing Science Technical Report Series
      • Pages: 14
      • Institution: School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: Dynamic deployment, Web Service, Grid, distributed query processing, Cirtual machines


      Professor Paul Watson
      Professor of Computing Science