Distinct Neural Substrates of Duration-Based and Beat-Based Auditory Timing (2011)

Author(s): Teki S, Grube M, Kumar S, Griffiths TD

      • Date: 09-03-2011
      • Journal: Journal of Neuroscience
      • Volume: 31
      • Issue: 10
      • Pages: 3805-3812
      • Publisher: Society for Neuroscience
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: supplementary motor area; event-related FMRI; inferior olive; basal ganglia; olivocerebellar system; cerebellar degeneration; Parkinson's disease; temporal patterns; prefrontal cortex; dorsal cap


      Professor Tim Griffiths
      Professor of Cognitive Neurology

      Dr Sukhbinder Kumar
      Research Fellow