Glutamine Biomarkers of Depression (2009)

Inventor(s): Hanson PS, Hiscock DRR, Morris CM, Thomas AJ

  • : Glutamine Biomarkers of Depression

Abstract: Differential expression of nucleic acids in the brains of subjects suffering from late-onset depression has been demonstrated. The invention provides methods useful in the determination of late-onset depression. Also provided by the present invention is a screening method for the identification of compounds for treatment, prevention or diagnosis of late-onset depression.

  • Short Title: Glutamine Biomarkers of Depression
  • Date: 15/05/2009
  • Published Source: WPTO
  • Application Number: WO/2009/138501
  • Pages: 1-52
  • Assignee: GE Healthcare Limited
  • Publication type: Patent
  • Bibliographic status: Published

Keywords: Glutamine, Depression, Anterior Cingulate, Nucleus Accumbens


Dr Christopher Morris
Senior Lecturer

Professor Alan Thomas
Professor of Old Age Psychiatry