Psychiatry of Parkinson's disease (2012)

Editor(s): Ebmeier KP, O'Brien JT, Taylor J-P

    Abstract: Psychiatric symptoms are common in the neurological and geriatric care of patients with Parkinson's disease. This book assembles short reviews from experts in the field to chart the various psychiatric syndromes known in Parkinson's disease, their presentation, etiology and management. Presented are special topics on epidemiology of psychiatric symptoms, affective disorders and apathy, early cognitive impairment through to dementia, visuoperceptual dysfunction, psychotic disorders, sleep disturbances, impulse disorders and sexual problems. Further, rarely discussed issues, such as the relationship between somatoform disorders and parkinsonism are reviewed. This publication is essential reading for old age psychiatrists, gerontologists and neurologists who work with patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. In addition, health practitioners who deal with senior patients, as well as scientists who need a quick update on the progress in this important clinical field will find this volume a helpful reference.

      • Series Title: Advances in Biological Psychiatry
      • Number of Pages: 152
      • Publisher: S. Karger AG
      • Publication type: Edited book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Professor John O'Brien
        Strategic Research Advisor

        Dr John-Paul Taylor
        Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant