Delphi Consensus on Landmarks for the Manual Segmentation of the Hippocampus on MRI: Preliminary Results from the EADC-ADNI Harmonized Protocol Working Group (2012)

Author(s): Boccardi M, Bocchetta M, Apostolova L, Barnes J, Bartzokis G, Corbetta G, DeCarli C, DeToledo-Morrell L, Firbank M, Ganzola R, Gerritsen L, Henneman W, Killiany R, Malykhin N, Pasqualetti P, Pruessner J, Redolfi A, Robitaille N, Soininen H, Tolomeo D, Wang L, Watson C, Wolf H, Duchesne S, Jack C, Frisoni G

      • Date: 21-28 April 2012
      • Conference Name: 64th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN)
      • Volume: 78 (s1)
      • Pages: abstract no. S04003
      • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published