Autism Spectrum Disorder (2004)

Author(s): Le Couteur A; Haq I

    Abstract: Autism spectrum disorder appears to affect about 60 children/10,000 under the age of 8 years. Recent studies show that a valid clinical diagnosis can be made at 2–3 years. The UK National Autism Plan for Children provides guidelines for best practice in screening, investigation, early diagnosis and intervention in pre-school and primary school-aged children. In a survey conducted by the UK National Autistic Society in 2001, it was found that, despite the right to have their needs assessed by their local authorities, only 38% of adults with autism or Asperger's syndrome has had a community care assessment. The same survey showed that, at the time of transition from adolescence to adulthood, only 53% families had a transition plan in place. Only 2% of adults at the lower end of the autism spectrum and only 12% of higher-functioning adults were in full-time paid employment. Co-morbid mental health problems are common; prevalences of 10–40% have been documented.

      • Date: 22-09-2006
      • Journal: Medicine
      • Volume: 32
      • Issue: 8
      • Pages: 61-63
      • Publisher: Elsevier Doyma
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Ann Le Couteur
      Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry