Adrenal steroids and episodic memory: relevance to mood disorders (2008)

Author(s): Alhaj HA, McAllister-Williams RH

    Abstract: Episodic memory is the name of the kind of memory that records personal experiences instead of the mere remembering of impersonal facts and rules. This type of memory is extremely sensitive to ageing and disease so an understanding of the mechanisms of episodic memory might lead to the development of therapies suited to improve memory in some patient populations. Episodic memory is unique in that it includes an aspect of self-awareness and helps us to remember who we are in terms of what we did and what we have been passed through and what we should do in the future. This book brings together a renowned team of contributors from the fields of cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and behavioural and molecular neuroscience. It provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of recent developments in understanding human episodic memory and animal episodic-like memory in terms of concepts, methods, mechanisms, neurobiology and pathology. The work presented within this book will have a profound effect on the direction that future research in this topic will take.

      • Book Title: Handbook of Episodic Memory
      • Pages: 585-596
      • Publisher: Elsevier Science
      • Publication type: Book chapter
      • Bibliographic status: Published