Object naming in aphasics - the lack of effect of context or realism (1977)

Author(s): Hatfield FM, Howard D, Barber J, Jones C, Morton J

    Abstract: Three experiments are reported using confrontation naming with aphasic patients. In the first experiment we looked at the effects of the plausibility of the context in object naming; in the second experiment we compared a plausible context with pictures of objects in isolation; in the last experiment we compared the naming of line drawings with that of real objects. In none of these cases were we able to find any effects of the experimental treatments. Such results bear on reasons given for the use of realism in therapy and have relevance for the appropriate form of the model of the underlying processes.

      • Date: 21-05-2002
      • Journal: Neuropsychologia
      • Volume: 15
      • Issue: 6
      • Pages: 717-727
      • Publisher: Pergamon
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor David Howard
      Research Development Professor