Nitric oxide synthase gene polymorphisms in Alzheimer's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies (2001)

Author(s): McKeith IG; Edwardson JA; Morris CM; Ballard CG; Singleton AB; Gibson AM

    Abstract: Evidence suggests that vascular and inflammatory components may be important in the aetiology of dementia and genetic risk factors affecting these processes may therefore influence disease development. Recently, polymorphisms in the endothelial constitutive nitric oxide synthase 3 (NOS3) and also the inducible nitric oxide synthase gene (NOS2A) have been suggested to lead to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease (AD) or dementia with Lewy bodies. We have studied the relationship of both these NOS gene polymorphisms to development of AD and dementia with Lewy bodies and find no evidence for association with either condition. We conclude that NOS gene polymorphisms do not alter disease risk in the majority of late-onset dementia cases.

      • Date: 01-04-2001
      • Journal: Neuroscience Letters
      • Volume: 303
      • Issue: 1
      • Pages: 33-36
      • Publisher: Elsevier
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Ian McKeith
      Professor of Old Age Psychiatry