Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences

Our research in psychology and cognitive neuroscience addresses issues related to decision making, attention, perception, and motivation that drive behaviour. Cognitive processes are studied using both psychophysical and behavioural methods and methods to record brain activity in humans (functional MRI, high density EEG) and animals (electrophysiology).

Our work on animal behaviour includes both field and laboratory studies, and span invertebrate behaviour which is based on simple nervous systems, one of the largest research groups studying behaviour in birds, and welfare issues studied by behavioural measures of affective state in non-verbalising individuals (babies and animals). 

Neurocognitive processes are studied in normal individuals and those with specific dysfunction in perception, such as body dysmorphia. Research in clinical psychology includes characterisation of cognitive style in various mental health disorders, including bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders, and using this to develop new cognitive behavioural therapies.

This research theme can be sub-divided into sub-themes which provide the focus for more specific research expertise:

  • Psychology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Welfare
  • Evolution of Human Behaviour
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Staff List

Psychology & Cognitive Neurosciences

Dr Kai Alter
Senior Lecturer

Dr Peter Andras

Professor Melissa Bateson
Professor of Ethology

Professor Paul Flecknell

Dr Fabio Gualtieri
Research Associate

Dr Christina Halpin
Faculty Research Fellow

Dr Domhnall Jennings

Dr Gabriele Jordan
Senior Lecturer

Sebastien Kessler
Research Associate

Dr Yuki Kikuchi
Research Associate

Dr John Lazarus
Associate Researcher

Dr Hamish McAllister-Williams
Reader in Clinical Psychopharmacology

Professor Daniel Nettle
Professor of Behavioural Science

Dr Vivek Nityananda
Research Associate

Emeritus Professor Elaine Perry
Professor of Neurochemical Pathology

Dr Christopher Petkov
Reader in Comparative Neuropsychology

Dr Bess Price

Dr Jennifer Read
Reader in Vision Science

Dr Claire Richardson
NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellow

Dr Claire Rind
Reader in Invertebrate Neurobiology

Dr Gilbert Roberts
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ronny Rosner
Research Associate

Dr Johnny Roughan
Staff Scientist

Dr Candy Rowe
Reader in Animal Behaviour & Cognition

Dr John Skelhorn
Lecturer in Animal Cognition

Dr Tom Smulders
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ghaith Tarawneh
Research Associate

Dr Martin Tovee
Reader in Visual Cognition

Professor Geraldine Wright
Professor of Insect Neuroethology