Visual, Auditory and Sensory Neuroscience

The Institute has particular strengths in visual and auditory neuroscience, conducting work in both human and animal models (including invertebrates). Visual neuroscience covers visual attention, eye movements, colour vision, and various features of visual perception, while auditory neuroscience has focussed on the processing of complex sounds, including music, speech and affective sounds. Research is also conducted in particular clinical groups both to help understand normal sensory processing and to determine the cause of the disorders. Sensory neuroscience encompasses a number of other modalities, including olfaction and pain.

This research theme can be sub-divided into sub-themes which provide the focus for more specific research expertise:

  • Visual Neuroscience
  • Eye Movements and Visual Attention
  • Ophthalmology
  • Auditory Neuroscience
  • Language and Speech Research
  • Sensory Neuroscience
  • Invertebrate Neurobiology

Staff List

Visual, Auditory And Sensory Neuroscience

Dr Kai Alter
Senior Lecturer

Dr Peter Andras

Professor Patrick Chinnery
Institute Director

Michael Clarke
Reader in Ophthalmology

Daniel Collerton
Associate Clinical Teacher

Professor Tim Griffiths
Professor of Cognitive Neurology

Professor David Howard
Research Development Professor

Professor Anya Hurlbert
Professor of Visual Neuroscience

Dr Gabriele Jordan
Senior Lecturer

Dr Marcus Kaiser
Reader in Neuroinformatics

Professor Nick Miller
Prof of Motor Speech Disorders

Dr Christopher Petkov
Reader in Comparative Neuropsychology

Christine Powell
Visiting Researcher

Dr Jennifer Read
Reader in Vision Science

Professor Adrian Rees
Professor of Auditory Neuroscience

Dr Debbie Riby
Associate Lecturer

Dr Claire Rind
Reader in Invertebrate Neurobiology

Dr Evelyne Sernagor
Reader in Developmental Neuroscience

Dr Peter Simmons
Reader in Neurobiology & Behaviour

David Steel
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 8816

Dr Yoav Tadmor
Senior Lecturer

Dr John-Paul Taylor
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Professor Alexander Thiele
Professor of Visual Neuroscience

Dr Martin Tovee
Reader in Visual Cognition

Professor Geraldine Wright
Professor of Insect Neuroethology