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Professor Christopher Petkov

Professor in Comparative Neuropsychology


Welcome to the Laboratory of Comparative Neuropsychology

Feel free to browse the lab website by way of the above link. The University periodically updates our Publications links, but if it is incomplete please check Google Scholar, or email me for reprints. All recent papers should be freely available, thanks to funding from Wellcome Trust to publish the papers as Open Access.


POSITIONS AVAILABLE (email me for further information):

ERC Consolidator Award: Neural networks and mechanisms for identifying individuals. Multiple positions are available for an exciting new five year project using cutting-edge direct neural recordings in human patients being monitored for surgery (with our University of Iowa neursurgery collaborators, led by Prof. Matthew Howard III) alongside our award winning work in primate models, including optogenetic manipulation of neuronal responses (in collaboration with Dr. Michael Schmid).

Congratulations to Drs. Ben Wilson (Newcastle) and Catherine Perrodin (UCL), now independent Sir Henry Wellcome Fellows 

Chris is a Fellow with Lorentz and National Institutes of Advanced Studies in the Netherlands, as part of a NIAS-Lorentz Theme Group on Language Learning and the Evolution of Language (April to June, 2017). 

Newcastle Teaching Excellence Award (2013) - for Innovative Teaching Methods (to C. Petkov, A. Attaheri, and R. Muers); Nomination (2014).


Please see the lab webpage or publications list for details.


I teach modules in the Thoughts Senses and Movement (TSM) Course for 2nd year Medics. I also lecture in the Psychology Department, for the MRes in Animal Behaviour module and am a tutor and a mentor. I also support laboratory based project students.