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Dr Greg Elder

Research Associate


I am a Post-doctoral Research Associate and Chartered Psychologist within the Institute of Neuroscience. My main research interests are in dementia with Lewy bodies, and sleep. Please see the 'Research' tab for further details.


PhD Psychology (Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research, Northumbria University, 2010-2014),

MRes Research Methods in Psychology (University of Strathclyde, 2009-2010),

MA Psychology (University of Glasgow, 2005-2009)



British Psychological Society (Chartered Psychologist; Associate Fellow); European Sleep Research Society, Sleep Research Society (USA)


I am primarily interested in whether transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), a non-invasive technique of brain stimulation, can be used as a method of treatment for visual hallucinations within the Lewy body dementias. I am currently co-ordinating a treatment study examining this with Dr. John-Paul Taylor (IoN). I am also interested in whether tDCS can be used to improve cognitive functioning (e.g. attention and decision-making) more generally within the Lewy body dementias.

I am also interested in the effects of stress upon subjective and objective sleep, and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis function (primarily upon the cortisol awakening response). My doctoral research examined this, using subjective and objective methods of sleep assessment, including actigraphy and polysomnography. I am also interested in sleep and circadian functioning within Lewy body dementia patient groups.