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Lee Best

Project Manager


Roles and Responsibilities

I am currently Project Manager of the project CANDO, which aims to develop an optogenetic implant for focal epilepsy. I am responsible for co-ordinating internal and external components of the project.
I have managed technical, scientific and market development projects in the private sector (National Energy Services Ltd, Calder Industrial Materials Ltd, Ryder Architects), academia (Newcastle University) and for Government delivery bodies and departments (WRAP, ZWS, Defra and the devolved administrations). My background comprises: Project management; Managing corporate reputation/industry relations; Developing behaviour change strategies and projects which aim to align industry with Government policy e.g. leading industry consultations, managing relationships and scientific/investigatory projects with Government departments and trade organisations; Implementation of QMS and operational systems e.g. co-author of BSI PAS 100 (2002, 2005) and its implementation to over 60% of the biowaste industry; Advising on the marketing planning process (including product development) and technical advice to over 100 organisations; Delivery of over 100 training courses, seminars and conferences; co authorship of industry specifications and guides e.g. GMI good practice guide (2014) and production specifications (2014), and trade press articles.
I have a MSc in Clean Technology (Newcastle University, 1997) and a BSc (hons) in Medical Microbiology (Newcastle University, 1996). I am a qualified marketer and former associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.