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Dr Peter Thelwall

William Leech Reader in Magnetic Resonance Physics



Undergraduate: BSc - Biochemistry and biological chemistry, Nottingham University, 1995
Postgraduate: PhD - Biochemistry and magnetic resonance. Cambridge University, 1999
Postdoc: Department of Neuroscience, University of Florida. 2000 - 2006


Research Interests

My research focuses on the use of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy to non-invasively monitor changes in tissue metabolic status and function. This encompasses the following projects:
  • Measurement of lung respiratory function using 19F MRI of inert tracer gases
  • Oxidative stress: development of novel techniques to image tissue glutathione content and metabolism
  • Non-invasive in vivo measurement of tissue glycogen content and lipid composition by 1H and 13C spectroscopy
  • Dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging of pulmonary vascular properties: application to clinical research
  • Development and application of methods for non-invasive investigation of diabetic kidney disease

These projects centre on the development of cutting-edge MR methodology, and application of these methods to pre-clinical models and/or clinical studies to investigate the changes in biochemistry, physiology and function associated with disease.

Grant funding

  • MRC New Investigator Research Grant: In vivo monitoring of liver oxidative stress by magnetic resonance measurements of glutathione turnover. 2009-2012
  • MRC Confidence in Concept: Imaging lung ventilation by MRI of fluorocarbon gases. 2014-2015

Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre

I am a member of the Magnetic Resonance Physics Team at the Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre, our research focuses on the application of cutting-edge MR imaging and spectroscopy methods to clinical research. We have two Philips 3T Achieva whole-body scanner equiped with multinuclear (13C, 31P, etc) capability, and a Varian 7T pre-clinical MR system.


MRes and PhD supervision: Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Research

Current PhD projects: "Fluorocarbon gases as an MRI contrast agent for measurement of lung ventilation properties"

NHS - Modernising Scientific Careers: Clinical Sciences MSc

Course contributor and Lecturer to the "Medical Physics: Imaging with Non-ionising Radiation" and "Respiratory and Sleep Sciences" MSc modules