Institute of Neuroscience

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Dr William Sedley

MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow


Current Work

From an early stage I knew I was interested in understanding the workings of the brain and in doing research alongside medicine, but not much more than this. I chose the Newcastle Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) because it allowed access to fantastic research opportunities in Neurology, and provided more protected research time than other such programmes would have.
During my F1 year I performed research in Newcastle and Iowa, USA, on intracortical EEG correlates of sound perception in humans undergoing epilepsy surgery. In my F2 year I used similar analysis methods, along with learning to perform scalp EEG, to run a volunteer study on correlates of tinnitus perception.
The techniques, people and field I have worked with have opened many exciting research opportunities for me, and I have been fortunate enough to secure an Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) post to continue pursuing these.