Printing Services

Print Credits

The Clusters Printing Service provides printing facilities for all the PCs in ISS Cluster Rooms.

Printing is charged: 4 pence per A4 page, more for colour printers – details can be found at the Print Services Website.

All students are given a limited free allocation of funds at the start of each academic year (currently £12.00), this appears as ISS Funds in your printing account. (University Schools have the option to allocate more funds if they wish.)

The free allocation is only applied to accounts which are in credit; overdrawn accounts will have their allocation withheld until the account is put into credit. Unused ISS funds remaining in accounts at the end of the academic year will be reclaimed (free funds do not accumulate between academic years).

Buying more credits

When you have used up your allocation, you have to pay for more print credits: you can do this online at the Print Services Website using a credit or debit card (minimum payment £5.00) or with cash at the Robinson Library Main Desk (min £10.00).


Check your credits

Remember to check the status of your printing account regularly to ensure you have sufficient funds.


ISS gives refunds only for failures caused by system or equipment malfunction, not for user mistakes. If you think you are entitled to a refund to your account, bring all the spoiled output, including the header sheet and any tail sheet to the cluster room helpdesks in either the Robinson Library or Old Library.

Unused personal cash funds can be withdrawn on request at ISS Registration, Claremont Tower. Unused personal credit card funds can be withdrawn by emailing Withdrawing cash or card funds from a print account should only be done when you are about to leave the University as it will cause the account to be suspended. Free printing funds, allocated by ISS or by a School, are not refundable (except because of printer malfunction).

Related sites

  • Print Service website - details about your personal printing account (credit balance, jobs printed, etc.) and about the service itself (cost of prints, etc.) and provides the credit card payment scheme for buying more printer funds.