Request process

To explore the possibility of working with Digital Media Services on a media production project we strongly recommend that you complete our request form (below) as soon as possible.

Our request and selection process is as follows:

  1. We firstly require you to complete an submit a media production request form
  2. We will then review your submission to confirm whether we are able to undertake your request
  3. Finally, we will contact you to notify you of our decision

Our decision will be ultimately based on our existing commitments and resource availability during the timescales and deadlines identified; we do also aim to provide our services equally across all areas of the University where possible.

If we are able to undertake your project we will contact you to arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your requirements and the various stages of the production process in more detail.  Reading through our production advice and guidelines will give you a good idea in advance as to what's involved.

If we are unable to undertake your project we will contact you and recommend alternative options; most of which will likely incur charges.

Please note that we will only be able to consider your request if it meets with our selection criteria which is to either:-

  • support or enhance learning, teaching and research within the University
  • promote or market the University and its schools, faculties or services 

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