Unix Home Folder


University staff or students who make use of the Unix service are allocated a Unix Home Folder so that they have a secure place in which to keep their Unix based work.

Quotas (How much space?)

Quotas for the Unix Home Folder service are the same as the regular Home Folder Service.


Your Unix Home Folder is automatically mounted for you when you log into any of the timesharing Unix systems.  Your Home Folder path will be of the form "/home/ucs/XXX/loginid", where "XXX" will be a three digit number.

You can transfer files to and from your Unix Home Folder using SFTP/SCP.

You can also access your Unix Home Folder from a campus Windows machine, as follows:

  • Click the Start button (bottom left), right-click Network, then select Map Network Drive...

  • In the Map Network Drive window that appears, select a drive letter from the Drive: pull-down and enter \\isssmb1\<your username> in the Folder field, then press Finish. (In this example we are using the fictitious account, 'nuser' and the X: drive):

  • If you wish the network drive to be automatically mapped each time you log in, then check the Reconnect at logon setting (as in this example)





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