Information relating to Malware / Ransomware outbreak

Information relating to Malware / Ransomware outbreak and changes to Remote Desktop connection methods

You are likely to have seen reports over the weekend of a major Malware / Ransomware outbreak (primarily affecting NHS Trust systems).

The University has a robust process in place to ensure that all security patches are applied to Campus PC’s in a timely manner. We are currently not aware of any University devices that have been affected by this issue and we have taken steps to ensure that any vulnerable machines have the emergency patches issued by Microsoft installed.

To ensure that these patches are applied, we do ask that all PC’s are fully shut down and restarted as soon as possible. 

We have made some changes to the methods by which remote connections can be made to University PC's to ensure that they are as secure as possible; please see the guide below for details on how to connect to a University PC while off-campus:

Connecting to your work computer from off-campus via the Remote Desktop gateway service

The RDS gateway provides a secure way to connect to your work PC from off-campus. The following needs to be set only once.

• Open the Remote Desktop Connection utility (this is usually found in the Accessories program folder):

• Enter your work PC name in the Computer field.  This needs to be full computer name including Before clicking Connect, click on Show Options. 

• Click on the Advanced tab and then Settings on the ‘Connect from anywhere’ section:

• Select ‘Use these RD Gateway server settings

• Enter the ‘Server name’ as

• Tick ‘Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses

• Tick ‘Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer’

• Now return to the General tab and check your computer name is correctly entered and click on Connect

• This procedure need only be carried out once, after which the setting will be remembered and there will be no need to do anything other than enter the PC name and click connect.

If you have any concerns or queries relating to this, please liaise with your Local IT Support ( or contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance.

Published: 12:59 15th May 2017, Last Updated: 09:18 30th May 2017