Maintenance to home folder (H: Drive) infrastructure - Sunday 11th February to Sunday 18th February

Maintenance to home folder (H: Drive) infrastructure - Sunday 11th February to Sunday 18th February

We will be carrying out maintenance to the underlying infrastructure of Home Folder (H:) filestores between 22:00 and 22:30 on dates specified below:

Home shares affectedChange dateCurrent file serverNew server
home19-2411th Febtower4fsuser2
home25-3012th Febtower5fsuser03
home31-3613th Febtower6fsuser03
home37-4214th Febtower7fsuser04
home43-4815th Febtower8fsuser04
home49-5418th Febtower9fsuser05
home5518th Febuk-filesvr02uk-fsuser01

Please see the information on for guidance on how to determine which share your Home Folder uses.

We do not expect any outage whilst the work is being carried out, but the service should be considered at risk during these times.

Published: 12:43 8th February 2018, Last Updated: 13:08 8th February 2018