Maintenance to various websites - 08:00 to 09:00 Tuesday 21st March

Maintenance to websites hosted on - 08:00 - 09:00 Tuesday 21st March

We need to carry out maintenance to the authentication software which manages the websites hosted on

As a result, the below websites will be unavailable between 08:00 and 09:00 on Tuesday 21st March:

All of the below are web addresses beginning with (e.g. 

85plus1921p4 insessional and Dev Payments 
85plus1921yr10 Intex pgrdp 
Cama ISD Randomisation 
CongregationApplications ISIS Rise 
Daro MEG S3pud 
Diary and Dev Mitodata safety 
Diligen and Dev Mofs SDU 
Directdebits NBTR SeminarBooking 
DoWell and Dev NICRCTR SOABooking 
Edetox NuContact SOABookingAdmin 
Elmo Nufin SOABookingKiosk 
Eurobanktransplant NufinManage SportsCentreKineticsExport 
Examiners Nugrad SportsCentreOnlineMembership 
Exceptions NUtech staffdetailservice 
GraduateConnections NUVendors UCU 
GreekFamilyHistory OHSS UKAllTrialData 
HRForms and Dev OutOfHours WASP 
Icicle and Dev ruseel Wellbeing 

The standalone sites listed below will also be affected: 

Published: 15:17 17th March 2017, Last Updated: 13:06 21st March 2017